May the sentiment in these poems
Speak your heart, and woo the one
You dreamed.

D. C. Bianchino All rights reserved Sept 2005 www.thefourthpath.com

Your Prescription
Let me bathe you with poetry
Let my words fall upon your eyelids
And kiss your lips.
Let them reach in to those hidden places
Let them open you from the inside
Raising the finest of your hairs.

Let the words be inhaled
Like sacred smoke from a Shamanís pipe.
Let them dance and sing and swirl
Like vapor, a scented mist
Massaging and oiling your skin.

Let them wash off yesterday
And allow your body to undress.
Let them feed you with food
A manna for your heart.
Suckle them as a mother with child.

Let them excite you and bring you around
To where youíve never been,
While leaving rationale to those
Who still havenít arrived.

Let them bemoan and so gratify
Reaching out to the ancient gods,
Let the mores take their leave, as well as fate,
Accepting what they freely have to give,
Knowing well that each word, you; partner.

Feel their caress and warm embrace
And watch them as they singe the western sky
On their way to nowhere soon,
Until the next time you truly bathe
In words that only poets can prescribeÖ

No chance it is that we should meet
Yet never known for sure
Your face, your hair, those smiling eyes,
Iíve seen them all before.
No doubt it was another time,
Predestined by our fate.
I know it now for seeing you,
There could be no mistake.
Youíve touched the deep,
Some call it soul,
Iíve known it as a void.
Yes you somehow a part of me,
Itís you that Iíve adored.
Oh yes my fair, I know you well,
And heaven isnít far.
When all I do is close my eyes,
And there again you are.

So familiar; the burn, the ache; even in your presence.
So familiar the scent, the taste; apart I even shake.
So familiar my heart has found a home in my mind.
So familiar my soul has left, all boundaries set by time.
So familiar my third eye looks and sees there is another,
So familiar no words will grace this love I did discover;
So; familiar.

Suddenly it happens and a fire consumes, even roots deeply set.
Suddenly it happens and glass shatters and nothing is separate from this or that.
Suddenly it happens and you find yourself without anchor or weight.
Suddenly it happens and the universe opens and you enter into its indigo cave.
Suddenly it happens and nothingís the same or can or will ever again.
Suddenly it happens before love and desire consummate.
Because, suddenly; it happens.

Your presence does to thee provoke sensations seldom tried.
When trembling must you see whenever I am by your side.
And like that mist when morningís light touches what makes dawn.
I hope it falls upon the heart where memory waits the song.
And if these words like flowers speak with scents of jasmine pure,
Then let its fragrance touch that place where mist and light endure.
And though this day like night will keep and life will have its way,
I know Iíll tremble in its wake as did just yesterday.
For all it takes is wind of rush its essence carried with,
The thought of you and nothing more when night again is lit;
With Love.

Today I fell in love with you and my heart was given wings.
I know because I flew so high I met the God who sings.
Below I saw a quiet lake untouched by manís disgrace.
A lake so pure the moon was moved to light upon its face.
I thank you for the feelings that passion has to give,
To those who take a chance for love, and what it means to live.
And I thank you for that moment for the joy that found its way,
Between what suffers in the dark even though itís day.
For it is likened to a fire just after it goes out,
And laughter follows right away like a thief who had to shout.
And so it is that I will rest with love its words now sown,
And wrap this moment Ďround my chest, for passion is; the poem.

If the moon had wings it would leave the sky,
To come here below to be by your side; so would I.
If trees could walk I know that they would, to be closer to you,
That is if they could; so would I.
And if rivers and streams backwards could flow,
The ocean would follow letting you know; so would I.
And if birds could talk in our own tongue, they would say to you
That you are the one, so; I try.
And our sun and stars and planets above,
Would shape into hearts beating with love,
And if could change as truly should, to what can be instead of could,
You would fly, and so; would I.

I could stare at your face for a lifetime with my back turned to the sea
I could stare at your face for a lifetime, because your face is so beautiful to me.
Iíve seen the blue bird lift its wing, the sun kiss the dew.
Iíve watched as night stood helplessly, when the moon came passing through.
Iíve looked upon the rich red rose, and the lilies tender skin.
But Iíve never seen a face like yours, no matter where Iíve been.
I could stare at your face for a lifetime, with my back turned to the sea.
I could stare at your face for a lifetime, because your face is so beautiful;
To me.

Love is all I have, no more, no more.
Love is all I have, no more.
But if itís love that you want, love youíre looking for,
I wonít keep what I have, no more; no more.

I will kiss you in the morning before the sun does day.
Even if a cloud might block this kiss will have its way.
I will kiss you with my tongue and cheek with words that softly speak.
I will kiss you for those times we played and times we went so deep.
Rare it is to meet someone, someone who is like you.
And rarer still to know that kiss that feels each time like new.
And when the wind blows the leaf like seasons that will pass.
Iíll kiss you with sweet intent, and will, until; my last.

What are we waiting for wings are meant to fly.
What are we waiting for with so much open sky.
What are we waiting for time disappears.
What are we waiting for when so will its fears.
Sometimes itís an instant when you know love true.
Sometimes itís an instant when it comes before you.
Sometimes itís an instant when you know that you do.
And sometimes thatís enough to last a lifetime for two.
What are we waiting for time disappears.
What are we waiting for when so will its fears.
What are we waiting for if you know I love you.
What are we waiting for if youíre feeling it too.
Pain is the price for love to survive.
Pain is the price to know youíre alive.
Pain is the price if wings are to fly.
But love is the joy when they sail through the sky.
What are we waiting for when the sky is now clear.
What are we waiting for when love is, so; near.

Youíre the reflection of who I would be,
Youíre the reflection inside of me.
I knew who you were the moment we met,
Iíve carried your picture how could I forget.
And when weíre together the wind we will ride,
ĎCause you are the wing, my other side.

Together together I just like the sound.
Together together we will be found.
Together together high off the ground,
Together together circling around.

Now itís just a heartbeat, a heartbeat in time.
Itís just a heartbeat that you will be mine.
But the beat that I have as long as I live,
Will be beating for you with all it can give.

Together together I just like the sound.
Together together we will be found.
Together together high off the ground.
Together together circling around.

When I look in the mirror I always see two.
One whoís like me who looks just like you.
For you are the mirror that woke me from sleep,
Youíre my reflection that my eyes can now keep.
Together together I just like the sound.
Together together we will be found.
Together together high off the ground,
Together together; circling around.

Even if they were only clouds
Today I saw two eagles fly.

Outside the garden the rose still has its say.
Weaving winding into hearts it finds along the way.
Outside the garden this rose now wants to lay,
Across the breast of one whose heart
To weave, and maybe; sway.