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First this is Bob Muldoon and it's right after when he says "it wouldn't surprise me if someone gets up here and starts juggling"...

[Just then a guy jumps up and starts to juggle, he is a reall pro. Everyone is kind of in awe and shock. When he finishes Bob Muldoon who is smiling from ear to ear says] "Look, I must confess, Marco's here and I staged this. Marco's my friend is a circus performer and just happens to be in town for a short stay...So let's here it again for Marco's." [With that a big 'round of applause and whistles].....

New additions to the play "You Can't Stop the Music" July 2006

1. The first addition is after Adam and Eve finish their two scenes, a man comes out ,who is what we will call spirit man; appearing half black and half white and recites this poem (Hero's path) to the real audience.

The Hero’s Path:

Are you ready to face the guilt, fear

And the remorse. Are you ready to

Enter the house of fire, ready to

Suffer the loss. Are you ready to feel

The shame, prepared to think insane.

Are you ready to kill the ferocious

Beasts, the two that are the same.

Are you ready to face the wolves,

Who call from the mountain top,

Willing to make the climb, though

Doubt may want you to stop. Are

You willing to climb the mountain,

Then make its awesome descent.

Willing to find that innocence, and

Do it without relent. Are you willing

To be that hero, for not power or

Greed or the like. Are you willing to

Wait for the ashes, to bring in this

Age of new light. For this is the path

Of destruction, to end the powers

Who reign. And here lies the path of

True Hero’s, who are called to face

Up to that pain.

Spirit Man will be invisible to the cast, but every now and then he will walk through the coffeehouse at different times of disturbance and say "No you can't stop the music, no matter how you try" and because of his dress like Spirit Woman, he represents balance too.
When he finishes his poem (The Hero's Path) the narrator will enter.

2. The second addition is when Steve (page 12) finishes "Chasing after Rainbows" he starts singing "Some People Think I'm Lazy" (to see lyrics go to Miscellaneous on the front page of the and click the title on the menu.

3. The song "All I Want To Do Is Dance With You" is bossa nova and sung half in Portuguese and half in English. It will be sung by Chris and somebody else and several of the cast members will dance fabulously to it.

4. After Carl takes his seat (page 69) Flower sings to him "My Prayer Is Your Prayer" which you would find on the menu of Recent Works on the front page of the

5. After Flower sings "My Prayer..." a tableau comes in and Jacob the barista recites the poem "When Souls Connect" he does this in front of the “real” audience, and that poem is found under Recent Works (just look on the menu)

6. After Spirit Woman talks to Sylvia (page 75), (Spirit Woman who like Spirit Man is also dressed in black and white), with several of the cast members circling around Sylvia singing the song "Let it Go". The lyrics are found in the Bulletin (substitute Daniel for Sylvia) After Sylvia's awakening she sings the song "Messing with the Mixing" which you can hear on the Bulletin

7. The song "In the Land of Cha Loo Lee can be heard in the Bulletin, in addition to the singing there will be one dancer dressed in green doing a modern dance interpretation of the song

8. Peter walks up through the invisible curtain while the cast is in tableau and says to the real audience "Look you can join in this next song and follow what the cast does, it will be easy and don't worry the cast won't be able to see you (pointing over to Robert Doyle the narrator) look this is just a fantasy of his mind, this is not really happening" Then smiles and goes back and takes his place.
On page 92, Peter tells the cast "I will recite I love Jesus my brother, which ends with the line "I sit here and think and to write". After which we are all going to sing a song called "Aum Father Father" and you will repeat each line that I sing right after me"
The poem “Aum Father Father” is found in the Bulletin and there is a new ending to "I love Jesus my brother" which ends "and to write"

9. When Christian finishes his rap "Another day I feel the hunger" (page 110) then the production of "Raise the World" comes up next (also in that production is "If It wasn’t for Osama", a poem found in the bulletin). "Raise the World" is found in the Bulletin and the two poems recited are "Faces in the Flames" and "Carnival" they are found in the Book 7 of Seven Crows which is under Books on the homepage

10. Right before the Chief recites "Are you ready for the next step..." this is at the wedding of Flower and Carl (page 112) he will tell The "Story of How Marriage Began" to be found under Recent Works