Path Symbol: As seen in a book of petroglyphs by the author in the year 2000.
Credited to the Anasazi circa 1100 A.D,
while his vision of the symbol came in 1997, confirming its significance.

All right reserved. 12/ 93.

> Page 1 <

There is a cat across the street,
I think that you would like to meet.
He's so cute and really neat,
But don't forget to be; discreet.

> Page 2 <

When I come home you're always there.
Mostly sitting on the stair.
At first your eyes wide open glare,
Until that look of; I don't care.

> Page 3 <

And in the hours when daylight sleeps.
That time of night the var-mint peeps.
I know that you my fe-line keeps,
An eye on all those little creeps.

> Page 4 <

The mouse who dares to show its head,
With you around will quickly dread.
For tear you don't and do not shed,
And wise the mouse if it had fled.

> Page 5 <

When you pounced and missed your prey.
And shook it off and walked away.
I thought about your patient way,
Whether working or at play.

> Page 6 <

This cat stood upon a rock.
It's body charged and fully cocked.
And when it leaped it sent a shock.
And though it missed it cooly walked.

> Page 7 <

When in the field you find your way.
As in the city night or day.
Your kingdom is in your on sight.
And we all know it's your birthright.

> Page 8 <

You know that place you often stray.
You know that time that's not for play.
Well that is when I hope and pray,
That you return and are okay.

> Page 9 <

Bags and books, boxes and beads.
Crags and nooks, they appease.
The curious cat to whom they please.
Searching for the ultimate tease.

> Page 10 <

The cat I see behind the chair,
Oh no! the one now over there.
The cat who has that instant flair,
I'd know you cat anywhere.

> Page 11 <

Cats who jump up in the air,
Darting here and darting there.
Always have this tempting stare,
And poke their noses everywhere.

> Page 12 <

When you lay upon my neck,
And purr to me your favorite fret.
My heart it melts my eyes get wet,
So glad I am that you're my pet.

> Page 13 <

Cat you've been to me a friend,
And so your honor I defend.
While people I have known pretend,
On yours at least I can depend.