Path Symbol: As seen in a book of petroglyphs by the author in the year 2000.
Credited to the Anasazi circa 1100 A.D,
while his vision of the symbol came in 1997, confirming its significance.
The Return

The Return, A Prophecy’s Unfolding, Copyright By D.C. Bianchino All Rights Reserved..2001

Photographs by Dennis Coughlin


This is a story about a prophecy Concerning ‘The White Buffalo Calf Woman” As passed down by the Lakota, kept alive by the Medicine Man, Black Elk. It is about her return as promised, and which Natives believe has taken place with the birth of a white buffalo calf. Back in 1976, I too had a vision that concerned White Buffalo Calf Woman. Based on many years Of visions and circumstances that followed, it is my Belief this work of inspiration reflects Her promise, And a message She brings to us all.

This Return has five major points.

The return of “White Buffalo Calf Woman.” (As promised) and stated above.
The Return of lands belonging to Native Americans. (Namely the Black Hills)
The Return of “The Christ.” (As promised)
The Return of self will, (out of choice) back to God.
And The Return of the female and male energies in a new relationship based on true parity.


Why do people climb mountains?
Because they’re there.
Why do people climb mountains?
Because they’re here.
Why do people climb mountains?
Because they do.
Why do people climb mountains?
Because they’re “YOU.”

Reasons We Find

Lips none sweeter than the breast that feeds them,
And the struggle comes to mind, as the reasons she finds.

The boy and the man deep in their nature, trying to fit in
Seem lost in time, as does this rhyme.

Like a wave that breaks that has nothing to hit,
Loses itself in sand that sifts.

Or wind that blows that blows itself out,
So vast is that emptiness all about.

And the struggle comes to mind, as reasons we find.

Then lips none sweeter, in a kiss pair together,
Inhaling, exhaling, breathing as one,
And the struggle comes to mind, as reasons we find,
When finally it’s done,
Like flowers when cut; before they are hung.

Some things you should know if you don’t already.

The Story Of ‘ The Return”

The Sun Dance is a four-day ritual, a ceremony, one of prayer and sacrifice. Male Dancers pierce themselves (with the aid of their Medicine Man) through their chest muscles with wooden skewers …There is a tether attached, which is also attached to a sacred tree, the tree is representative of God. Each male dancer must break free the skewer from their chest. The rest of the time is spent dancing around this sacred tree in the middle of the circle, they dance from early morning to late afternoon…This is done for four days in a row…They also fast for those four days as well…Women also dance the four days….

Authors note…

During 1996 a white buffalo was born to a small herd on the Pine Ridge reservation. This female passed on just 27 hours later. Remarkably her hooves were fully matured. According to some that is impossibility. Then, 13 days later a male white buffalo was born from the same herd. During the spring of 2000, this white buffalo, already changing colors was shot by mistake; or maybe just fate. In any case these two departures of the physical white buffalo’s seems to have been completely necessary in order for their spirits, the two represented, be given a voice. This fact and fictional story I hope satisfies that end.

To help the reader: Unlike writing this story in the linear fashion, most common. This story is written in the circular manner, much like the photos that end this book.

Photos by Dennis Coughlin All rights reserved.
Cover Design by D.C. Bianchino, Heather Lea Sargent and C-4
Art of White Buffalo Calf Woman and White Buffalo Calf Man
By Heather Lea Sargent
Models, Heather Lea Sargent and D.C. Bianchino.
Pre-print production by C-4

Part One White Buffalo Calf Woman

One Who Stands Tall had just left the Sun Dance, unnoticed, leaving as mysteriously as he had upon arriving. This was his way and had been since his first Sun Dance, over forty years before. Although one Who Stands Tall wasn't tall at all, he was given his name out of a deep respect he earned, by honoring a continued commitment to a vision received at his first Sun Dance. In that vision, White Buffalo Calf Woman instructed him to keep attending Sun Dances and to pierce each day of the four day ceremony. This he did faithfully.

As he disappeared into the vast landscape, a landscape with the appearance of mighty ocean swells, that somehow had gotten frozen in time and came to be covered with earth and grass, he paused to take in its silence, and, its natural beauty. His pipe was harnessed by his side, and he slipped his hand to caress the stem, being a pipe carrier, again something he earned, gave him this right. He then peered in the four directions with a look in his eyes that only the humble truly have. He was an extremely quiet man, one of very few words, though, when he did speak, those who knew him were sure to listen.

His chest was still raw from the day's piercing; his skin, now like old beaten leather, actually made him smile. After his short pause and prayer of thanks, again he began to make his way. He had walked a few hours and was approaching one of the many roads that are made by people driving cars over them again and again. This road was a straight one, and the exposed white clay was extremely dry, for lack of rain; June can be like that in this part of South Dakota. As he was making his way down one of the rises, and nearing the road, he happened to look up to notice four hawks circling just above him, one was all white, and he knew this was surely a sign from the Great Spirit. Just then, a voice filled his head; it was the same voice that filled his head when he had that first vision with White Buffalo Calf Woman. This time, she told him to stay right at the spot where he was, and so he sat down and began to wait, then watched the hawks rise, till they disappeared from sight.

It was already approaching dusk, and part of the four day ceremony he just completed involved fasting and even though he did manage to eat a little something before slipping away, he was still feeling a bit hungry when he thought of an experience he had when a young boy. One day a porcupine had crossed his path, when later that day telling his grandfather, his grandfather told him how lucky he was, because it meant that he would never go hungry. Then his grandfather told him the story of a young boy who was about five years old, who had gotten lost, and was in a cave and was starving to death, when this wise old man knowing this, changed himself into a porcupine, he then took some bread and went into the cave and gave it to the little boy, and, he wanted everyone to know, from that day forward , that if a porcupine should cross their path, they too would never go hungry.

As he waited, he also thought about the concept of time that most people live with, he remembered a phone conversation with a man who had been invited to his reservation. The man was from Texas, and the man wanted to know if he'd ever been to his part of Texas. When he said he had, the man asked how long it took. He told the man that he didn't know that, because when they leave, they just go, and when they get there, they just do. This left the man speechless, and envious. To One Who Stands Tall practicing the way, that is not trying to control it, somehow just came natural to him. He also knew this was one of the many gifts that he and people like him were born with, much like the Beaver. .

Now White Buffalo Calf Woman, was a very sacred woman who brought his ancestors the Sacred pipe, instructing them in its uses. She told them it should be used in prayer, and that their prayers would rise up in the smoke to be heard by the One Great Spirit who resides above us all. This sacred woman is the one and the same Mother of Jesus; see, she is very smart and appears to people in ways they can assimilate her, no matter whom, or where they are. She can also change forms, so I guess you can say she was also one of the original shape shifters. For she told his ancestors that she would come back at the end of time, and that they would know this because she would come back as a white buffalo, and, she would change colors four times, white to brown, then to black, and finally, back to white. Then, as she left his ancestor's village she gave them an example of this, changing into a buffalo and rolling over, each time changing into the colors she had mentioned. This is a true story and has been passed down orally from generation to generation, on up to the present. Well, it so happened that a White Buffalo was recently born on his reservation, and all the medicine men opened their medicine bags in honor of this.

As night covered the sky he started to observe the stars that were brilliantly displaying themselves, when a meteor shot across the horizon, bursting into three separate parts, turning the most exquisite turquoise he had ever seen. Humbly, he thanked Spirit for that wonderful gift.

Throughout the night he kept praying for others, just as he did the previous four days. He also thought about the rainbow he had seen at 1:30 in the morning, that arched across the sky. This happened on the third night of the Dance, he felt then that something important was about to happen, but let it go as quick as the thought had come to him.

Intermittently during the night he would hear and feel the thunder of horses that run wild on the reservation, how he loved that sound, because it reminded him of the freedom his ancestors must have enjoyed.

One Who Stands Tall was a man who had many visions over the years; he never questioned that, although he didn't feel like he did anything special to have this privilege, but others that knew him, knew he was a man of the heart. He was thinking about a vision he shared with the great medicine man, Black Elk; it involved two dogs that appeared to him, one was all black while the other was all white. At one point he knew he had to kill them both, he could see clearly that they represented good and evil, and how they were both just as ferocious, and how the very idea was pulling the world apart. He felt this clarity was coming from Black Elk, who was now on the other side, and Black Elk was now trying to clarify a vision he had that involved a black and white dog. At the time of Black Elk's vision his people were at war with the whites, and so he thought his vision was telling him to kill his enemy like a dog, but since crossing over knew its higher meaning, and was now passing that along to One Who Stands Tall. One Who Stands Tall, also knew this killing was a psychological killing.

As day began to break, so did birds, squawking as if excited to face the challenges of a new day. Soon, the sun also seemed to wake, till its brilliance lit up the whole sky. With this, One Who Stands Tall, with pipe in hand, faced each of the directions, asking in prayer, each direction to guide him, his offer of sage and tobacco, took his requests to Tunkaslia rising up in the smoke from his pipe. After placing his pipe back in its harness, again he sat down to patiently wait.

As the morning dew began to evaporate, One Who Stands Tall watched how it was all gathered, harvested, then rose in one vaporous cloud to finally join with others, till drifting off , and so he knew how some clouds were born. He also knew it was done with an intelligence that makes up this wonderful universe.

The smell of sweet grass permeated everywhere, filling his nostrils with its purifying scent. Mid morning came and went. It was early afternoon the sky above was unusually clear, like the reflection of an ocean once unpolluted. A song then came to One Who Stands Tall, for through all the determined efforts to annihilate his people, here he was, like a root that survived the poison, for a manicured lawn .His song began, its beat deep and strong, like a healthy excited heart.

"You took my dignity away, you took my women and children, you made us dependent like you, now I eat fruit from a can, you took my dignity away., You took my dignity away, you took the Buffalo, now the Fish, you made me dependent like you, now I eat from one whose eyes I never saw, you took our dignity away. You took my dignity away, you took my wild flowers and the grasses scent, you made me dependent like you, now foul smells fill my nostrils, you took my dignity away. You took my dignity away, you took my land like a thief, you made me dependent like you, now I must pay to live and move on the land once free, you took my dignity away. You took my dignity away, you took voices from the trees and the winds song, you made me dependent like you, now I listen to loud offensive noises, they are everywhere, you took my dignity away. You took my dignity away, you even tried to take my religion, to be dependent like you on some God no one has connection with, you took my dignity away. You took my dignity away, but like the Beaver I too mutate and will until the scent of sweet grass returns, for my spirit patient stays, even though, you took my dignity away."

When he finished his song, he sat proud on Mother Earth, knowing well her Sacredness, and how she sustains us. He always had a connection with her, never feeling separate, and had a hard time understanding those who didn't. He then began to contemplate the meaning of the song , in his mind, it wasn't as it might have sounded, that is pointing the finger with its judgments, as was said he was beyond that, instead, it was with an observation to understand those reasons why. One Who Stands Tall was a wise man, and to reach that point, one must have achieved patience and tolerance...This, he knew, because of his own experiences, which brought about humility, and to have that, most need to be humbled in some way, because it's then and only then, that some are ready to give up control, and to give it back to the One who stands above us all, and too surely, stop interfering.

So with that kind of observation, and a bit of melancholy he looked into the words of his song, he could see how Trust was a word filled with false pride, much like the word Never. He knew how the trust who had made treaties and contracts with them were only words. That no matter how true, were the wishes of those who initially made the contracts, that with some false defense of a manifest destiny, could and would be changed to suit the purposes of what ever came to rise. He also saw that those same contracts were there, only to serve the contractor...History proved that. He then thought about an acknowledgment of a president back in 1999, admitting a policy that had his own governments backing as far back as the early fifties, a policy that supported right wing guerrillas in Guatemala, resulting in hundreds of thousands of deaths, and tortures, and now he was admitting this was wrong...He also had to wonder why he made that admission, then three weeks later, he knew why, this president's government was about to join forces with others, to enter into a foreign land, and he needed powerful words to insight his own people, those words being ethnic cleansing, and crimes against humanity. Certainly words that One Who Stands Tall and his people knew about, firsthand. He did think how hypocritical it all seemed. He saw how this great nation was willing to help others to maintain their right to live in freedom, and were willing to die for that, while his own people's needs were so obviously over looked. Those needs quite simple, as this vision illustrates so well, just imagine an unbridled horse running out in the open, as an eagle flies by its side. That is their need, that is their vision, because this, is their nature! These were just some of his observations, he was not judging them, that was only for Tunkaslia to do, he knew that.

He no sooner finished thinking about these things when in the distance, where the road appeared to end, he saw many crows ( the messengers ) flying in an excited way, as if welcoming someone very special. Next he heard what he thought was a rumble, as if hooves were pounding the ground. Then appeared a cloud of dust, as if a cloud had fallen from the sky. Being so far away it seemed a mirage, when out of the cloud appeared what he thought was a white buffalo, his eyes being true from years of concentration, kept their gaze, the buffalo then rolled over creating another cloud of the dried white clay and disappeared into it, when out of that emerged a brown buffalo, at this distance it still seemed like a mirage, it had that vaporous quality as one sees coming off pavement on a hot summer day. The crows kept following just above, as other birds quickly joined. The smell of wild roses, those found along a beach now filled the air, when once again the buffalo rolled over and again disappearing into its cloud this time to emerge as a black buffalo. One Who Stands Tall could hardly believe his eyes, he knew the story, he knew the prophecy, and here it was unfolding right before him. Again the buffalo rolled over, creating another cloud, it was maybe one hundred yards away from him, and at that distance his vision was extremely clear. Then out of the mist the White Buffalo appeared once again, it's coat radiating , so pure that a rainbow shown just above, it walked with a majestic gait, much like one when on a mission of extreme importance. Suddenly it stopped, and looked directly at One Who Stands Tall, both just stared, as if enjoying one another, like two spiritual warriors reunited, after a very long separation...Both let the silence just pass, when with a last roll, the White Buffalo again raised a cloud into which it too disappeared.

This cloud was much denser than all the rest, much like a fair weather cloud seen on a mid summer day. One Who Stands Tall kept his gaze just as true, focusing on the cloud, much like a hunter on sought after game. This cloud wasn't moving as the others had, instead it seemed to grow thicker and thicker. The birds had taken to the sidelines, quietly sitting on abandoned fence posts. Then suddenly within the cloud flashes of * lightening began jumping from one side to the next, the silence didn't seem to match the energy being created. Faster and faster the lightening flashed displaying images that were without form. The intensity of the lightening became feverish, and then just as suddenly, it stopped. A stillness fell, as if the earth was holding its breath, out of nowhere a gentle breeze began, as if someone were blowing breath as one might, caring not to disturb what may lie underneath. Slowly the cloud began to drift, rising as smoke will from a chimney. As the cloud became more transparent the shadow of a figure began to take form. Once again the smell of roses caught the attention of One Who Stands Tall, the birds too began to sing, and never had he heard crows sing in such a sweet melodic way. Finally the last of the vapor began to disappear, by now it was obvious that a person was there in the mist, and that it was indeed, a woman.

The story of White buffalo calf Woman quickly passed through his mind, how she came to his ancestors, and the way she came. Two young hunters were out looking for game, when they saw this beautiful woman dressed in white buckskin, one had lustful thoughts for her, while the other one knew her as being a holy woman. She then waved the one with the lustful thoughts to come to her. When he got to her a cloud was to cover them both, and when it lifted, the young man had been reduced to bones that lay on the ground, with snakes weaving in and out of them. Why that part of the story came to him he didn't know, for that certainly wasn't the way he himself thought.

As the last of the vapor cleared, sure enough a woman stood. Her hair was the color of pure silver, it was thick and was the length of her back, with the breeze that lingered, her hair lazily blew, it was free as she herself appeared to be. She too was dressed in a white calves skin dress, her exposed arms were a milky white, being at the distance she was, her face was still not clear to him, although something was sparkling near her forehead with that same dazzle when light hits a diamond.

Like the white buffalo had, both just stood their positions, enjoying the silence between them, only this time it was as if two warriors who had been in many battles together, only on opposing armies, were about to finally come face to face.

After what seemed like a long period of grace, the woman's arm began to wave, motioning One Who Stands Tall to come to her. As he began to humbly make his way, the woman's voice, as clear as the day, spoke just in front of him. " It's good to see you again " This caught One Who Stands Tall by surprise, for he had know memory of actually meeting her, although her voice he knew, from his audible visions with her. Then she said, " As a matter of fact the last time we met you ran the other way. " She trailed her sentence with a playful laugh. In his minds eye an image passed, he was just entering a room, a woman lying in a bed jutting from a wall was waving to him, wanting him to come over to her. She had the same long silver hair and white milky arms, but what really frightened him was her face, which appeared as calves skin, a suede with colors blotched of white, browns, and black. He knew she was as old as time, and yet her face was as youthful as a young girls. But that look of her calf skin face, that, and his shame, is what made him turn, and run the other way.

To One Who Stands Tall this new awareness seamed too surreal. Here he was looking at another lifetime, could it possibly have been his? Or was this representative of something much deeper? Knowing egos defense, he left it open.

As he continued to walk towards her, it was with extreme respect, for he wasn't a man who was afraid to look at himself, or face what was in front of him. He knew well, the relationship between leaf and tree. He was also open to whatever Spirit wanted to reveal to him, no matter how painful it might appear to be, for he was a man true to his paths, an example of one true to the way, like one who presses their face against the universe with constant pressure laid. For now he was able to look, as was said before, without judgment, but with that observation that breaks through the Great Illusion, like that thing that bothers one year after year, that you can't quite put your finger on. Until eventually it becomes clear that it's about letting go, and giving up control. Yet even with that knowledge, you still can't.

He was more than half way towards her, when she spoke again as before, saying, " Remember the first time we met? " With that he fell to the ground feeling the pressure in his head...for in that flash everything was made clear to him. He was the one who lusted for that beautiful woman who came to his people, and in the story since passed on. He was the one who had been reduced to bones for the snakes. But in this moment of enlightenment he also saw his other aspect, known as the duality, as portrayed by the one who saw her as being a holy woman, though now he could see it as his twin.

After picking himself up and brushing off, he looked at White Buffalo Calf Woman, and without saying it, he knew what she was thinking, it was with a look that said that one has many chances to redeem themselves, and to grow up. It was the way she smiled that told him that, with an expression that said, welcome, my friend, my equal.

Then White Buffalo Calf Woman spoke again." Now One Who Stands Tall, I will explain those encounters, because their meaning may still need to be made clearer. The first time I waved you to come to me, that lustful part of you was only too eager, and so you were blinded by only one thing, but at least you were willing to approach me, and the snakes as seen slithering through your bones was a reminder of the wisdom you would one day receive. While your twin side , fearing such an encounter stayed back, and yet he saw me for who I am a sacred woman. But when he saw that other part of himself reduced to bones with snakes slithering around, he judged this to be an evil thing, and forgot what the snake truly represented, that is, the keeper of all the ancient wisdom, and knowledge of all things past.

So the lesson was really this, yes I am a sacred woman, and when I wave you to come to me it is important that you come, but come with patience and respect, for I will receive you, for I am here to be embraced, and though desire in and of itself is not love, love has desire in it, for nothing would exist, if it were not for the love of the One Who Stands Above us all, and his desire for it to be.

"Now that second time I came to you, and waved for you to come to me, you ran the other way because of that memory, which is in all men, and fear you had of the snake, thinking it to be evil, because if you remember, after you ran away you tried to kill your twin, because you hated that side of yourself that left you with guilt and shame, but your twin survived, and brushed it off, because as you know he has his place, and that both of you are really one, and so it is that you come to me today, as a whole person with that wisdom and understanding, realizing those both extremes had to be brought together."

Now he was really close, close enough to see her face as seen when he ran away. It was just like then, made of calf skin, smooth as suede with all the colors that she had mentioned she would change into as a buffalo, when she returned. The star on her forehead, located where the third eye would be, was almost blinding, as it reflected off the afternoon sun.

He was standing perhaps fifteen feet away, where he would remain, again after a pause enjoying eaches presence, she spoke. It was from the same place as before, a few feet in front of him, and again not from the lips that marked her face, but audible just the same. " One Who Stands Tall, because you have faithfully carried out what was asked of you, I now have a mission for you, it is extremely important, and so it is I have chosen you for this honor." Then she continued, " I want you to go to Washington DC, and call on the President of the United States. You are to be there in four days hence. He with others will expect you, I'll see to that! The key words on arriving are, you are a messenger and the President is expecting you. What I want you to say to him and the others who will be present, is that you were chosen on behalf of me to extend an invitation to them, and their children to come to your reservation in South Dakota, and to join with others in a sweat lodge ceremony, reminding them that the choice is theirs to make. Tell them they must arrive on the full moon, which will be three days after your arrival there. Once again remember the words you are a messenger and the president is expecting you. "

She paused for a moment then continued. "Tomorrow go to your medicine man, tell him to prepare a large sweat lodge, one that is draped with buffalo hides representing the colors you now see on my face, for they are the colors I said I would change to as a buffalo on my second return. Tell him also that I will bring a new Sacred Bundle, and that is all. I will appear to the medicine man in vision with other instructions. "

With all this now said and done, the Sacred lady again smiled as if pleased. Then instructed One Who Stands Tall that it was time for him to go, and so he did, turning around without looking back

Part Two The Mission

That night One Who Stands Tall slept sounder than he ever had, his mind was totally at peace. Waking up at dawn, once again he turned his pipe to the four directions in prayer, just as he did every morning. The sun soon greeted him, as if to say," I will light the way for you, it will be a good day, it's a great day to die."

After his morning ritual, he began to make his way over to see his medicine man. Along the way he spotted a turtle slowly making its way, he knew turtle was reminding him of his mission, and his connection. He knew it was the moment something crosses one's path that made it important to that person. Turtle had come out of a creek where some of his people had fled during the massacre of 1896, only to be chased down and killed, they were women and children. Every time One Who Stands Tall even came near that creek, he could feel the pain, from that experience, as if their spirits were saying, " We were massacred just because we were Indians. " So he thanked turtle, and the Great Spirit for reminding him, giving him the assurance that he wasn't going it alone in his mission, and also its importance.

After his brief stop, again he started on his way back to where the Sun Dance was held, because that is where his medicine man lived.. His name was Bear and he was known as a Thunder medicine man, that is, one who worked with spirits out of the west. The west being where thunder comes from, and so the name. Thunder beings are spirits who might come to people as in a nightmare, but they are really our allies, and when we stray too far off the path, they come to us in ways to get our attention, so they try to frighten us, so we will take a look at what might be going on in our lives, and so the association with introspection. That's their job, to help us turn around in our journey towards the east, associated with illumination.

So his medicine man was a spiritual healer, and very brave, for he would come face to face with the thunder beings, which would cause heart attacks in most people, if they were to have such contact. He also would only accept tobacco from those needing his services. The people who came to him were those who had a vision needing explanation, and if he didn't have the answer, then he would consult the thunder beings. So he was their priest.

The medicine man himself was an old man who suffered plenty physically; reservation food will do that, with its extremes of sugar and salt. Diabetes was rampart amongst his people, as was high blood pressure with its debilitating strokes, which the medicine man experienced just that year. Government surplus food will do that to people, and having no infrastructure to support themselves, which was their custom for thousands of years, left them in this vulnerable position.

One Who Stands Tall was a wiry man, his face appeared as chiseled stone. His features were sharp, almost birdlike. His hair was short and thick, its gray and black coloring still had a healthy shine, in spite of his years. His large pupils, as black as fresh road tar, seemed to exaggerate the whites they centered. He stood maybe five nine or so, but, when he entered a room, he was the one whose attention, eyes would be drawn too. On the other hand the medicine man known as Bear ( the Bear was his shield as well ), was short and stout, his hair like One Who Stands Tall was thick and short, although more gray than black. He had the appearance of an old gnarly tree, which many people see in visions. He was also known as a traditional ( one who practices the old religion, or ways, much like other orthodox religionists.) That also meant speaking his language, that is, what was left of it.

Soon the medicine man's place was in his sight, he lived there with his wife, who was also a holy woman. There house was very small and simple, not much bigger than the average shed seen in back yards in a suburban neighborhood. It was nestled in between one of the many hills which protected them from tornadoes that frequent their area and gave them added privacy. The Sun Dance was held in one of the fields, located in the back from where their house stood, and it was this medicine man, the Bear who ran the Dance, most recently attended by One Who Stands Tall.

The Bear was standing outside when One Who Stands Tall approached, White Dress, his wife was over by a near by well pumping water into a pail. Several dogs running around outside gave the early warning.

Seeing her visitor she put the pail down, that could wait, then walked over to greet him before the medicine man did, this was traditional. " Hello, good to see you so soon. " She shook his hand, both had friendly smiles, for which they were known. The medicine man had already walked inside, and so his wife invited him to go in. After which she followed. " Coffee for you? " Nodding his head yes, he sat down at the small Formica kitchen table where the medicine man was already sitting. Talking in his traditional tongue, the medicine man said, in his deep voice, " Welcome my old friend, and how are you feeling? You look like you got some rest. " Thank you, and thank you for asking. I feel like a young buffalo today, and I have some good news to talk about." " Yes my friend, this I know. " His smile auspicious, radiated through his eyes. " But let me talk first my friend, for I had a vision last night, and I need to talk about it first." White Dress brought the coffees over and set them down, then joined them round the table. " I know our prayers have been heard, and the time has finally come. Last night White Buffalo Calf Woman came to me. She said she already spoke with you. She said that I should call my cousin, Red Star, and that he would get you a train pass for tomorrow. This has been taken care of and it will be at the station ready for you. I have some money for you too, and a place to stay when you get to Washington. Another cousin will meet you at the station and you can stay with him. That's all I have to say. " Even though White Buffalo Calf Woman instructed him with other duties, it didn't need mentioning. He too was a man of few words. White Dress took a cigarette from one of the packs lying on the table, offering it to her guest first. After which they all joined in. One Who Stands Tall then spoke. "Yesterday, the prophesy as passed down by our people happened. White Buffalo Calf Woman, has come back as promised. I have seen this. This holy woman wanted me to come here today. She simply said she wants you to build a really large sweat lodge, to be covered with buffalo hides in those colors to which she said she would change. This is all she asked me to tell you." With that said, White Dress got up and brought back some pastries. White Dress then handed an envelope to One Who Stands Tall. It contained the money he would need for his trip. White Dress was always a part of such meetings of importance. She was also one of the respected elders and a traditional like her husband. She had a slight limp, as one sees in many elderly, but it didn't interfere with caring to the needs of anyone who might come to their door. She was also the go between for those wishing her husbands services. She was the major link in a very large chain of command.

The train (that iron horse), was right on time. One Who Stands Tall slowly made his way down the aisle. As he looked around for a place to sit, he had a feeling he once experienced when visiting cousins in Canada. That was on his first train ride. The feeling was what one might feel when among foreigners in a foreign land. Soon as the train began to roll, he noticed a beautiful woman across from him and this brought a smile that expressed, I know you. He was able to read people very well. This person was typing on a laptop computer just like another woman he had met on that first train ride. The scene was as clear on this day as it was back then, as was the lesson he learned about one of the many great illusions, he remembered a beautiful woman who caught his eye on that day. She was sitting with her laptop, across from him and would you believe, a telephone! He remembered how strange that seemed, someone with a phone on a train. It made him smile every time it rang. He remembered looking out at the city yards, and how dreary it was, but it was early March, and, there was heavy overcast, it also seemed to reflect the people on the train. During the ride he would catch the pretty girl, looking over at him, then when arriving and after letting those in a hurry make their way first, he started to make his own way, the pretty young lady quickly caught up with him, and asked, if he wouldn't mind sharing a smoke with her, in the station, because she really wanted to talk to him. Once in the station, they sat on one of the conveniently laid out benches, she offered one of her cigarettes, he thought about the ritual ,this pow wow so to speak, this offer of tobacco that was now bringing two strangers together, and it seemed to bring home what smoking was really all about. He also felt this tremendous sense of freedom, that is, being able to light up in a public building, not being a privilege in his own land, where tobacco once ran through its very soul. Any way, this girl was very beautiful and impeccably dressed. You certainly would think she had it all, and he was sure because of that, unapproachable to most. Her first question was, "How come you're so happy?" After which he asked, " Why are you so unhappy?" With that, tears welled up in her pale blue eyes. she replied, "She didn't know. " She then said she was in advertising, and traveled on the train every day, to and from work. He remembered saying, " Happiness comes from liking what you do, and of coarse that means in all aspects of one's life." He then thought of a story he read about a man who was nearing the end of his life, and was having a conversation with his son, and saying to his son, "You know I hold positions of authority, I sit on many boards, I was president of a university, and still I feel this incredible emptiness." His son knew why, but also knew that he wouldn't have to say anything to his Father, because he was finally getting a look at what he had never done. That is to truly give of himself. Then he looked at this girl and knew, this is not what she had been promised. She was Canada's finest. The right education, the right look, the right job. Yet here she was unhappy. Something was still missing, underneath that false appearance she was lonely, and probably very bored, as well as feeling that terrible emptiness, like a body will when its soul is detached. With that he gave her a poach, it contained a White Bear , after showing her the Bear, he slid it over her head, and around her neck. As soon as he did, he watched as tears rain down her cheeks. He then told her the White Bear knew her heart, and would give her its power and strength, and that all she needed to do was start giving those things that came from her heart. Her tears were now mixed with sniffles, which she quickly wiped away. Then her boyfriend came and after an introduction and a shake of the hands, started to leave, as they both were walking away, she kept turning around, as if to get a last look. He just listened to the echo of their footsteps that faded with the distance, until only her image of sadness was left behind. Her loneliness in spite of seeming to have it all, only confirmed his suspicions, about such illusions.

This also brought to mind a woman's question at the Sun Dance he just attended, her name is Eagle Woman. He remembered her asking, " How come Tunkaslia showers so much on so many, and leaves us so very poor, and we pray so much. I just don't understand. " Knowing the great illusion of what others appeared to have, he just smiled. She then smiled too, getting her answer.

This train was really clipping along, unlike the train in Canada on his first experience. Having plenty of time to think, he thought about the reason he had made that first trip. It was to visit relatives on their reservation.

They were in the middle of a court battle over hunting grounds. Most of their tribe wanted to sell the land, for the money, while a few wanted to hold on because of a vision that included that land. It was known as the bush, and there was a lake still pristine, that some of them wanted to turn into a place where people like them from all over the world could come and exchange ideas, and share their histories, and because One Who Stands Tall was so respected by so many, that maybe he would help the others to believe in that wonderful vision, for it was a vision that the White Bear himself had given to the people.

When his cousin came through the station door that day after the pretty lady and her boyfriend had left, it swung open with an authority as if it knew those passing through its entrance were of some higher order, with a special mission.

This was to be his first meeting with this cousin and her people. Her name was Turtle Woman. She was wearing a patchwork jacket with slacks. Her hair done with an artist's care, was beautifully braided, and her face was most exquisite, and dignified. Her green eyes were pure, alive, and penetrating. Her features were sharp, and her nose would have made any native envious. "She was a Princess." Her son was handsome, his hair black as coal, with a shine that matched his truly black eyes. He thought about how artificial some people had become, lacking that realness so stunning to look at. After acknowledging each other, with smiles that said, well, there's alot of work to be done, so let's do it. And then without any fanfare, left the station.

Leaving the station, the cold night air hit him with a blast, it was as if he had just been suddenly encased in a block of ice. Fortunately the car was parked close by and he would soon forget the colds impact, once in the cars confines, with its artificial heat. ( And glad of it ) It also made him appreciate those who came there first, to settle its unforgiving territory. Those who didn't come to tame its elements, but instead to be partners in a relationship, based on respect and understanding. Not like people who wait for the path to be cleared, the tracks to be laid, the safety nets to be in place. Then come like a swarm of locusts to devour.

He also thought if you want to know how my people think, then you must understand the Beaver." That God, or The One who resides above us all, put the Beaver here with a purpose, and every Beaver knows what that purpose is. It has been programmed that way." The Red Race their natural connection to the order of things, their knowing, was what they had been gifted with. His cousin told him that they noticed the Beaver changing color, and getting smaller, mutating and this has happened in our lifetime, not a good sign.

Again thinking of those people who first came to settle here, or, those who came soon after, to make this sacrifice, in order to be able to maintain their right of sovereignty, so as to carry out what they have been programmed to do, made him think of Joseph Cambell's analogy of someone who is really alive, that is, one who is willing to stick their head in the lions mouth, well in this case he was sure, the Bears would be more appropriate, but in any case he had respect for all those who do, and a clearer picture of those who didn't.

During the ride to her village she gave him their story. When her grandmother was a little girl, maybe five or six, some Catholic priests who were trying to convert them, approached some of the Elders, and said that if they would convert to becoming Christians, they, the church, could prevent the government who had plans for them that included genocide . But that one of the conditions was that, they stop worshipping the Snake. Well, the Elders, not being fools, said OK. Then the priests told everyone in the village to stay indoors this one night, because they were going to get rid of the Big Snake. And that no one was to look out their windows at any time. Because it would really be a scary thing to watch. At this time their streets were still dirt streets. So that night everyone in the village stayed indoors, and everyone blocked their windows, and not a light was seen to flicker. The next thing, all the people, could hear this big snake dragging itself through the street, heading in the direction of the river, and the priests were yelling and screaming and saying prayers, and dogs were barking and whaling, and whimpering in pain. And everyone heard that snake passing by their house. Finally everything turned quiet, and the people went to sleep. The next morning when the people came outside, they could see this really deep rut, which the priests said belonged to the snake, and that deep rut went right down to the river, where the priests said the snake drowned, and the priests took the people to the river to show them, that the big snake was gone, and would never come back again. Along the street there were even some of those dogs who were now lying dead, because the snake killed them. ( So the priests said. ) The priests then told the people that everything would now be OK, but that they were never to worship the Snake again.

What the church had never asked the people, is why they did worship the Snake. Because if they had, the people would have told them, that they believed that it was the Snake that kept all our past lives from us, and, that is why we don't remember those things about them. But that when the last time comes for us, the Snake will release all those memories, because the Snake was the one that was given their care, and that job to do. So the Snake to these people, was only a guardian, and the people respected that, and revered it, not worshipped it. And those people also knew that those priests were really just staging a big show, and that they purposely dragged something else through those streets, because they saw them. But they kept quiet about it to protect the people. So here he was now, driving up that very same street, where all that happened. At the beginning of the street, which is also the entrance to the reservation, sits a Catholic church, right behind it, across the street, is that river, and through the heart of their village, a snake that still survives, as well as a people.

This story made him think of a recent vision of a woman back on his reservation, in her vision there were three men, and herself. They were sitting around a campfire. One of the men was very old, and he was holding a large snake, which he offered to her. She felt herself change into a male then back into her female self. This kept happening, this going back and forth. When finally the old man offered her the snake the male side of her quickly rejected it by trying to hit the snake's head. The other part of her was welcoming the snake but the old man pulled it away and said, " You are not ready to receive this yet. " One Who Stands Tall knew this vision was letting us all know that the human race itself was what the old man was referring to. This story only confirmed the snakes purpose once again. He also knew the woman who had that recent vision, along with the rest of the human race would one day be ready to receive the snake, and the ancient knowledge it was holding on to.

Once arriving in Washington, a cousin, Two Wolves, met him and brought him to his place to stay. Nothing was said concerning the reason he came to Washington, things like this didn't have to be mentioned, it kind of went without saying.

On the day White Buffalo Calf Woman appeared to One Who Stands Tall, President Jim Allen was sitting alone in his oval office thumbing through papers which needed signing. President Jim as he was called by the people, was the most popular president elected to office, ever. He was young, handsome, and smart. People felt safe in his care, and things were good. Yet in spite of things being good, people were feeling something was missing, again that something inside you can feel, but you can't quite put your finger on. Except you know, that something isn't right.

The President's wife was the most beautiful intelligent woman of this new age. She was called Mrs. President, because she and her husband were definitely equal, they shared a parity on all levels. Their three children, were encouraged to maintain an integrity to their particular natures, something up to this time had been, for the most part, unheard of, especially being in their early teenage years.

President Jim was just about to sign one of the documents in front of him, when suddenly a woman's voice, just to his left said, " Expect a messenger in four days. " It was said clearly and in an audible way as one in conversation. In fact it was so true, the President said "What?" As one does when caught by surprise. Raising his head from the paper he was about to sign, the president as if in shock not seeing anyone there, kind of shook his head. No sooner, the voice spoke again. " Expect a visitor in four days. " It came from the same location, just to his left. Now, he sat back in his chair, knowing well he had just heard a voice say this. However having a great gift for being rational, let his mind pause. He had heard about such phenomena, and believing things like this do happen, let it go at that.

John Hale his vice President, was golfing with a distinguished guest from France. In fact, he was having an exceptional round. When on the seventeenth, his drive off the tee hooked to the right of the fairway, landing behind several trees. He waved his partner on, then proceeded to look for the ball. He was rustling through some leaves, when just to his left, the same woman's voice that the president heard said " Expect a messenger in four days. " Already ruffled, John looked around with a look of annoyance. Seeing no one, again began looking for his lost ball. When just as soon again the voice spoke, " Expect a messenger in four days. " This time he turned in a complete circle, rather perplexed. He even started to sweat from a feeling of anxiety. Then without wasting any more time, walked back to the fairway, and dropped down a new ball.

Alice Morgan was the Presidents secretary of defense. This was, after all, the new millennium, and many things had changed. On this day, she happened to be in her chauffeured limousine on her way to a meeting with the Joint chiefs of staff. The car of course was equipped with a sound proof divider between her and her driver. She was going over material that was open for discussion, and deep into its subject, when the voice said, " Expect a messenger in four days. " She immediately looked to her left, it was as though who ever it was that spoke was sitting right beside her. No sooner did she turn her attention back to the work at hand, when again the woman's voice spoke, " Expect a messenger in four days. " With that she signaled her driver to pull over. Stepping out of the car she took several deep breaths while shrugging her shoulders, after gaining her composure she stepped back in the car, and they continued on.

Joan Allen, the President's wife and partner, was already at the Joint chiefs of staff's, for the meeting which was to begin in fifteen minutes. This was not unusual for the President to have his wife attend. Actually it was just part of their relationship, and whatever responsibilities needed attending to, it was a question of who was available at the time to take it on. As was said before she was very beautiful, her skin had a bronze glow to it, her native heritage of African and English, saw to that. She had just closed the elevator door when that voice was heard, " Expect a messenger in four days. " This brought a laugh to the first lady, when almost as soon " Expect a messenger in four days. " Strangely the voice seemed familiar to her, and she seemed happy to have heard it, like someone who had just been let in on some extremely sacred rite. When the elevator door opened, she walked off with more of a bounce than usual.

One Who Stands Tall woke up to the busy sounds of the city, but this didn't stop him from his morning prayers with his pipe. Though coming from a place of relative quiet, it did seem to exaggerate the speed of things, and its painful reality. He thought "God, we were all offered a paradise, then paved over it."

Two Wolves didn't live all that far from the White House, wanting to be close for tribal purposes. So he knew the ins and outs, the short cuts around this city of pavement and cement. After finding a place to park, both men walked the rest of the way. Entering the lobby, One Who Stands Tall, immediately walked up to the receptionist. As was said before, his presence made heads turn, here especially with his distinct native look. He was dressed comfortably, a light sport jacket, plaid shirt, denims, and a pair of brown loafers. A white male receptionist asked " May I help you? " " Yes, my name is One Who Stands Tall, and I am a messenger, the President expects me. " " I don't see your name here, are you sure? " " Yes, the President expects me. " " Just a moment. " Normally William Varnie would have just sent someone away who wasn't in his appointment book, but there was something in the eyes of the man standing in front of him that spoke the truth. So with that kind of judgment he decided to call the President.

As it so happened, the President was with his wife, vice president, and the secretary of defense. All were sitting in the Oval office, actually working on some summer plans that they could all join in, when the phone rang. The President excused himself, and picked up the phone on the first ring. " Sorry to bother you Mister President, this is William Varnie, and I have a Native American man here, who says he is a messenger, and you are expecting him, and, I don't have him on your list of appointments." Just then the President remembered what the voice had said to him, expect a messenger in four days. " Hold on for just a second. " With that, the President put his phone on hold. Then he spoke, " I'm really glad my very best friends are here in this room with me, because what I'm about to tell you is going to sound really strange, but four days ago while sitting alone in this office, I heard a woman's voice say, "Expect a messenger in four days," then to be sure, she repeated it again. Now her voice was very clear and I was not taking a nap, I can assure you. Well, anyway, there's someone in the lobby who says he is a messenger and I am expecting him. So, what do you think, should I see him? " With that disclosure made, there seemed to be a sigh of relief coming from the others in the room, as each one there couldn't wait to tell him they had the very same experience, and that it was at the same time four days ago. With that majority, all agreed it would be the right thing to do, and because they all heard the voice, they should stay in the office with him. He agreed. With that, the President got back on the phone, and said, "send him up."

One Who Stands Tall was then led to the Oval office, he had already gone through an inspection, and so once in front of the door, the attendant knocked and the door was opened. Once inside, One Who Stands Tall was invited to sit down. Again his native look and presence caused a brief moment of silence, when the President broke the ice, saying "Welcome, it seems each one of us here was expecting you." The President said this with one of his sincere smiles. " Thank you for receiving me, my name is One Who Stands Tall, and I come here as a messenger for the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Woman. She has asked me to give all of you an invitation to come to South Dakota to our reservation, and to join in a sweat lodge ceremony. She also would like you to bring your children along. Also she wanted me to remind you that the choice as always is yours to make, and that if you should agree, then it must be done in three days from this one when the moon is full."

Not wanting to sound insulting, as to ask who White Buffalo Calf Woman was, or what a sweat lodge ceremony was, the President just looked as one does when caught off guard, yet surprised enough to appear interested. " Well One Who Stands Tall, it is an honor to receive you. However I cannot speak for the others here, and it is on such short notice that I will have to see what the itinerary is that has been laid out for me. I can tell you this, if circumstance allows, I for one would be very honored, and, I will give it every consideration. Now One Who Stands Tall if there is anything we can do for you, or if there's anything you would like to see while you are here in Washington, I would be only to glad to arrange that for you, and you have my assurance your request will be discussed immediately. " With that One Who Stands Tall stood, and reaching into his pocket pulled out a beautiful small carved turtle, which he handed to the President, saying " Thank you for your generous offer, but I must go back now, my train leaves soon." All in the room, who had been staring in awe, now went over to shake his hands, each with smiles that reflected an admiration, as one would have if in the company of one whose very path down deep they secretly admired.

One Who Stands Tall quickly joined up with Two Wolves who had been waiting, both kind of smiled at each other, when two secret service men walked up to them and said they were told by the President to give them a VIP escort to the train station, and once again One Who Stands Tall was on his way, this time back to the reservation.

No sooner had the door closed to the President's office, when he excitedly looked around at those present and said, " Well what do you think? Do we go, I mean, isn't it rather strange we had just been talking about where we could all go together...Let's see three days from now. " Looking at a calendar he exclaimed, " Of course, that's Independence Day, how about that, well?" "Besides weren't we all called twice by name?" Without hesitation, and like excited kids they all said, " Let's do it!"

The President then called his secretary and said, "Get someone from the BIA to fill me in on what I should know about a White Buffalo Calf Woman...." Three days," Raising his hands the President says, I can't wait.

Part Three The sweat ceremony

No sooner had One Who Stands Tall, left his medicine man's place, four days before, when the wheels were put in to motion to organize the up and coming sweat. White Buffalo Calf Woman had instructed the Bear to invite a cross section of the people to include children and teenagers, and to make room for at least two hundred or so. She also wanted the Bear to be the one to run the ceremony.

When the phone rang, just after One Who Stands Tall left, and it was Big Elk, wanting to talk to the Bear, it came as no surprise. This sort of thing was common to the way things happened, and they knew it not to be mere coincidence, just part of the Way. So when Big Elk said he had a feeling he should call, the medicine man said " Yes Big Elk, always trust your feelings, your intuition, because what I need for you to do is to bring me those Buffalo hides you have been in charge of keeping, because it is time to use them. White Buffalo Calf Woman has returned as promised."

With that said, word quickly spread to those who would help in setting up the lodge. That afternoon several pickup trucks filled with the wooden poles necessary to build the huge dome like structure arrived. This activity would continue, with people being assigned to all the necessary things that had to be done, from digging holes for temporary outhouses, to the gathering of materials for the fire pit. Before the actual building would start, all those involved would do their own sweat in order to purify themselves for such an honor. The medicine man then, through a messenger assigned the fire keeper, this was one of the highest honors passed out. In this case it went to the medicine man's grandson, who had proven himself through many acts of selfless giving. He would start the fire the night before, keeping it going through the night. He would pray over the rocks to be used, thanking them for their sacrifice, and at the same time, the connection they were now sharing together. His name was Feet Like Snow Shoes.

Other calls kept coming in throughout the day and night, the medicine man's wife took the calls, as was said before. She also was organizing the feeding for all those who would be attending, and her people knowing this rallied around her.

That first night, the medicine man during his own private meditation, was visited by one of his thunder guide, Lo No Way, which means, one with love in his heart. The first time the Bear met him was while on a visit to Alaska to meet with some cousins, the Inuit. He was standing out on the tundra watching the Northern Lights. They were every color of the rainbow and were making their own sounds, like whales that talk to one another. He remembered, he was feeling doubt at the time, and feeling sad, thinking maybe there really was nothing holding things together, and therefore no point at all, and this, in spite of his many visions and connections. When, just then, three male figures appeared before his very eyes. They were tall, the one in the middle was extremely old looking, and, looking straight at bear said " God Is " Then introduced himself, along with the others.

Then he said " Bear we are here to take you someplace, we have something to show you, and we will also tell you why you feel the way you do right now, concerning this doubt you are feeling." With that, he followed them to an entrance that was a wide hole out in the tundra. Next he found himself in a city made of crystals. They were at the center of the earth. The crystal city was populated with many different types of beings, all of which he had never seen before. Most appeared to be short, but some appeared like Lo No Way, tall but younger.

Then Lo No Way spoke again. " What you see here is real, and the reason we are appearing to you, and some others above, is that, well look here, can you see these crystals? See how they're changing colors becoming cloudy? Well, what the people are doing above, is now starting to have an effect on our city down here. This is not good. It must somehow get across to all the people above, that their actions, effect everyone else on every other level of vibration, which are many. We also want to tell you this, although we here still have free will, you gave up that privilege when you took on the assignment of being placed on the earth vibration. You chose to have all the experiences the earth level has to offer, and so every known fear has, and will continue, to come through your door. Understand also that you came from the original Melchizadek school. So, you are on earth as you were once before when you taught Abraham, to teach others. Know also we will assist you whenever you call upon us, for this is our purpose." With that said, the Bear now understood the reason for his severe testing, he was taking on; DOUBT itself.

Looking at the people who made up the crystal city, the Bear could see their auras, he knew they were not the auras of angels, for he had seen them before, but that the light that appeared around them had its own distinguished quality. Then Lo No Way spoke a final time. You should know that there are three such entrances that lead to our crystal city, one here on the Arctic tundra, one at the Equator, and the other at the Antarctic. Now, it is time for you to go back."

So Lo No Way was once again before his very eyes, as he had many times since that first visit. " Good to see you Bear " " And you, Lo No Way " " We are all very excited about White Buffalo Calf Woman's return, and will assist with whatever needs are necessary. The first thing we will help you with is your selection of the people, the young people." With that a vision of a tipi appeared, its poles were on fire and it was nighttime. The tipi looked like a warm heart. Just then through the flap one of the teenagers came out, the Bear could see it was one who was called Trish, the Bear knew she was to be honored, being the first one he would ask, and so it went till all those who would be invited, were shown to him coming out of that Tipi. In the mean time, One Who Stands Tall made it back to the reservation, and the President had let it be known they would attend. The President had his briefing concerning the Lakota and was advised to be sure to bring tobacco as an offering for the medicine man, also that he would need to bring meat as well.

Arriving, the President and his entourage were met by One Who Stands Tall, and several others, of course the President's team of special agents were also on hand. After an informal greeting, the guests followed behind One Who Stands Tall who the President and his wife chose to ride with. It was a fast ride as was always when Red Star was driving, he was one who drove like that, as if to say ' It's a great day to die. " Not something the President would like to have heard.

It was now late afternoon when the President and the other guests arrived at Wounded Knee. Driving down the long winding driveway that led to the medicine man's house, gave the sensation of being on a wild bucking bronco. It was up to the driver to actually make his own road, it depended on the ruts as to where that would be.

White Dress was outside when the motorcade showed up. After finding parking places, anywhere they could, doors quickly opened with everyone getting out, which couldn't have been soon enough, concerning the visitors inside.

The medicine man just as soon, stood by his wife. The President immediately walked up to the both of them, also with his wife by his side, and presented the medicine man with tobacco and meat. This brought a twinkle in Bear's eyes. Then White Dress invited them all inside.

Everyone was offered coffee and soft drinks, snacks were on a separate table for anyone to help themselves to.

The President and the other visitors were dressed very casual, as was advised. The medicine man was not one for small talk, for he knew there was no one to impress and that no one could impress him, except Tunkaslia himself. That didn't mean he wouldn't respect others, for that he did, if so deserved. Although there was this sense of mission in the air, there was also a lightness, for each intuitively knew this coming together was much bigger than all of them. White Dress had a way of putting others at ease, just being herself, people in her presence would always feel a calm.

As was said before, inside the medicine man's house, he would only speak the Lakota language. His wife would do the translating when necessary. As soon as everyone got comfortable conversations started happening all over the place. People also kept arriving, while others kept busy with all there was to do. One Who Stands Tall speaking to the President said, " When you go inside the sweat lodge, pray from your heart, and you will stay cool. " Quickly this was passed along to all the others who were in the President's party.

This was Independence Day, July 4th, 2004. The sunset was exquisite, a flock of geese passing stretched across the sky, appearing like a squadron of planes saluting those who had gathered below. Those lucky enough to bare witness gazed in awe, each feeling the synchronisity.

Outside the sweat lodge were many Sacred Pipes, of the pipe carriers who were attending. The medicine man now alone in front of the lodge, was picking up each of the pipes and praying to the four directions. He did this with a seriousness that reflected this holy man. The others who were milling around were aloud to watch, but most were discreet about it.

The huge sweat lodge, with all the buffalo hides, browns blacks and whites, that covered it's oval roof, gave it an appearance of being alive. Just outside in front of it’s entrance was the massive fire pit. Flames were soaring into the air, the sparks seemingly happy for the honor, shot upwards high into the sky.

The over two hundred who had been invited to share this experience, started to assemble. The medicine man who was still praying was facing east, when the moon began it’s rise. He thought of a poem, that in part said, “ Moon full, rising slow, seeing things, I don't Know. " Just as soon, one of the teenagers in an excited voice for all to hear, said, " Look! A rainbow right up above us " Sure enough, a rainbow fashioned in a circle was right above them high in the sky directly over the sweat lodge. Another sign that sent shivers through all who were present. The moon in full view was the signal for the sweat to begin. As the two hundred or so began their entry, One Who Stands Tall encouraged the invited guests to sit separate from those whom they came with, and that went for the President and his envoy. Trish, who was also called One Who Loves Many, was the first to have the honor of entering.

Once everyone crawled inside and got seated, claustrophobia became apparent. Though the lodge was extremely big as lodges go, with the number of people, and the fact there was only one small entrance, it was understandable concerning those experiencing their first sweat to feel that way. Everyone was sitting in four very tight circles, with noticeably no room to spare.

Near where the medicine man sat was a large pail filled with water. In the water sage was placed. The medicine man then in Lakota asked for rocks to be brought in, which was the fire keepers job. Each was put into place by the medicine man, then he sprinkled bits of fresh cedar on them and thankied the rocks for their sacrifice.

Because of the size of the lodge he asked for one hundred rocks. Once this was accomplished, he thanked Tunkaslia, and, White Buffalo Calf Woman for giving him such an honor, and then thanked everyone who was to share this sweat with him for being there.

Here it was, men, woman, children, and teenagers, people from many ethnic back rounds called to be together, as shown by Lo No Way and White Buffalo Calf Woman. After the medicine spoke each person was given the same opportunity to also give their thanks. One Who Stands Tall interpreted the medicine man's words, something up till then was never done, but the medicine man asked for him to do this because of the intent, which the thunder beings brought to his attention.

Once the formalities were completed the medicine man gave the command in Lakota for the flap to be closed. Immediately there was nothing but dark, and with the first splash of water hitting the rocks, a wave of intense heat hit those in the lodge like a dry wave filled with fire. As soon, the medicine man along with the other Lakotas and those familiar, started singing. It was a high pitched kind of scream, like whaling. This combined with their Lakota language made most of the first timers a bit fearful never having heard such a sound coming from humans. Some even thought, “ What the hell did I get myself into, maybe I'm to be some sacrifice or something. " But, what the Lakota were doing was singing their prayers, and their prayers were for all relations.

As others joined in with prayers in their own tongues hoping to be cooled from the intensity of what felt like an inferno for most, a purple light shot across the lodge from east to west, then it shot across north to south, it seemed like it came from a modern strobe, but the Lakota knew it was a sign that a high spirit was making it's presence known. After several passes, there wasn't one who had not witnessed this. Then in the same fashion, a white light made it’s pass. The prayers became louder, as some were in such fear, as others, in reverence. Then a face could be seen in the dark, it showed itself once again to all, although at the time with no conversation taking place, some thought they were just imagining things. The face was of Sitting Bull, and those present could even feel his being. After making the rounds, he took his place in one of the high corners. Just then, another face appeared, this one was Crazy Horse and although know one ever had a picture of him, it was mysteriously known by all. Another face appeared, it was Pokahontas and her father. More faces kept appearing, the fright that some felt at first was taken away, these spirits seemed to all have a look that brought about a calm through their own sincerity. Then Big Foot, the medicine man killed at wounded Knee in the last Massacre of the Indians back in 1890, made an appearance, showing himself to everyone.

The faces were filling up the room, then as a surprise to everyone, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, John Kennedy, Linden Johnson, they too appeared. Yet even still there was a calmness felt by the witnesses young and old alike. Finally, a cloud was apparent forming near the ceiling in the center of the lodge, all eyes looked up to see flashes of white and purple light much like the lights first displayed. Soon, the form of a white buffalo could be seen, when just as soon the White Buffalo Calf Woman herself.

President Johnson then approached President Jim and spoke. " We have all been called here today to be witness to a prophecy as was passed down by the Lakota, that concerned itself with White Buffalo Calf Woman, who as you can see, has fulfilled her promise by coming back to us. Mr. President, and all those who are here this evening, I having been delegated this privilege as spokesperson, and will now address what I am here to tell, to you Mr. President. First I must tell you that what we did to those who were here first, the original inhabitants, was wrong. As a result the very foundations which this country was built on, is one that is made with straw. It has no support on which to continue to stand, and therefore must be replaced and built anew . What I have to say is that all past presidents, as well as future ones, which includes you, Mr. President, will end up where we all are, and that goes for all our relations, until this karma has been resolved, then our bones can be laid to rest. We are not in a bad place, but we also cannot move on until what was wrong, is put right. This Mr. President will be your challenge, if you choose too."

With that said, the cloud near the ceiling, began to evaporate. White Buffalo Calf Woman, her face with distinct calves skin blotched in colors of white, brown and black, began her movement around the lodge. She was holding on to a cloth bundle, holding it up for all to see. Then going to the President, she began to speak. "Yes I am here as I promised. The world is at an extremely exciting, but critical period. The desecration of this holy body you all call earth, cannot continue. It is a living body of love that feeds all who are in and outside of it. What was done to the caretakers who were here to show by example, there connection with this Sacred living being, was, and still is not being taken seriously. But you Mr. President can help change the course of an apparent destiny concerning this earth, as well as your own as your past President has spoken of. Today I bring this new sacred bundle, (she then opened it and showed its contents.) this here is a new pipe, it is one that lights from the bottom. It will be a reminder that it's not too late to turn ourselves around, and, to think a new direction. I also bring you a symbol, one that shows these three parallel lines within a circle. This is to show, that all paths are sacred, and that all paths lead up to, and join in, the one great circle. It suggests to respect all sovereignties, all paths, for this was Tunkaslia's wish, or God's. Last Mr. President, if you choose to convince your Congress, to put things right, then I will give the whole world, seven days hence, a special gift....Now, I have brought with me, four pipes, they represent the four directions, north, south, east and west, that is wisdom, faith, courage and illumination. They also are representative of all the races. Now this pipe with the white leather top indicates north, this red one is for south, the yellow for east, and the one with the black top is for the west. This new pipe is not to replace the first pipe I brought to the Lakota people, but to be used in addition too. Now I pass these pipes to you Mr. President to be brought to the United Nations for all to see. Each pipe also has the symbol of the path embossed in it's leather top. It is to act as a reminder of all the paths, again each having their place, in God's scheme. When each of you leaves this lodge tonight, you will be given a symbol to wear, if you choose. This is my gift to you....In behalf of all the Spirits who have gathered here as well as all those who now wait, I thank you all, children, teenagers and adults, and remember, God Is." Having said that the lodge again appeared in total darkness, once again a white light shot in the four directions, then the purple light did the same, and the scent of summer roses, filled the lodge.

With the sweat now over, the medicine man asked for the flap to be opened. Trish, having been the first one invited inside, was also the first to be invited outside. Once outside she was handed a gold chest by one of the fire keepers. Handing it to Trish Who Loves Many, she was told to open it, and, that she was to be the one to hand each person coming out of the lodge one of the symbols. Each symbol was made out of gold with a gold chain. Trish Who Loves Many, quickly turned around and gave each of the four fire keepers theirs first. She was like that.

As the President and his wife stood out in the evening air, enjoying the openness and cool night air, neither talked about what just went on inside the lodge. The President's secret service who had stood guard outside, called for the helicopter that would whisk them back to air force one, waiting in Rapid City.

The President after taking in many deep breaths, then walked over to Bear, who was with One Who Stands Tall. " Well gentlemen, that was not what I have been accustom to, I assure you. I know it happened, it's just that, how do I explain it to others who are like me, I say this to you because experiences like this you know very well." Bear then spoke: " You are a man of words, the people believe in you, let the spirit guide you, then speak from your heart, the right words will be there. The rest will be up to Tunkaslia."

Just then the sound of a mighty helicopter broke the silence, and lit up the field where they stood. As soon, a moth could be seen in the light, when the President said, " Well I'm sure that moth is another sign, right? " He was joking. One Who Stands Tall quickly came back with. " Oh no, you mean an evening butterfly, and when the light came on, it saw you and wanted to be near you, because it loves you". That took the President back, realizing it was this way of seeing things that was so desperately needed. So the President passed a reassuring smile.

The people who had walked off to be by themselves, quickly gathered to see the President and his party off. Each new they would have a bond that would last for the rest of their lives. They were all chosen to bare witness, because of their own unique natures, and those who they would influence. Just as the President was about to board, White Dress approached and said " Remember you are to slay the Monster " The President looking back, a bit confused, shot back, " Who is this Monster I'm supposed to slay?" White Dress with a sly smile, says, " Oh, you are the Monster. " This caught the President by surprise, quickly getting on to the craft. Then this incredible modern bird began to lift off the ground, it's chopping sound cutting through the silent night. The President looking out his window watched as four crows landed one after the other on fence posts just below. He almost thought he knew what they were saying, as well as feeling their connection. Soon all faded in the distance, as did this, July fourth 2004 Independence Day.

Arriving home later that evening, and retiring to bed, the words of White Dress about his slaying the Monster and that he was this Monster, and not being able to sleep, Jim went to his study. Taking an envelope that was on his desk he found himself writing, it seemed to be automatic, as, the words just poured out on to the paper. When he had finished, he had written " The Monster's Manifesto " Then he read it aloud, for he knew well that he, wasn't it's author.

The Monster's Manifesto

Distance speaks through candles, a cluttered table, and the envelope I write on. Today I saw it in vacant eyes; tonight, the moon, appearing at the end of clouds that funneled. A night without wind, smell, or sound . . . Just distance. Death seems friendlier . . .closer, closer than this hand that just rubbed its forehead, or the smoke sucked from my pipe, or the leg crossed over the other; like my back hunched, or this heart I cannot feel beating. Hell must be this place, this distant place, where thoughts don't stop. Thoughts, one and the same, the same one that drives us, drives us to add another room to an already oversized house. Or another item on a crowded menu, to our shopping sprees for those extra clothes, and of course the toys, none of which we really need. Just thoughts introduced and carried out by the monster out of control. Thoughts, one and the same, that took the corner market to the supermarket to the mega market. The diner to fast food chains. It is the same collective obsessiveness shared by the megalomaniac, the rapist, the pariah, the lawmaker, the lawbreaker. It is the same energy, the same action. Thoughts consuming the thinker. Thoughts, reflections swimming through cartilage of bone called brain, like a chunk of coral that accepts the sea around it, without challenge, swinging with each tide. It is the same action from thoughts that permeate sleep, devouring the sleeper with anger, hate, jealousy, envy, fear, and the like. It's the ism, the next cause, the next franchise, the next library. It computes, salutes, and shoots, It's the monster of the Dalis, Picassos . . .we call it being prolific. But it's the one hundredth song, the one hundredth book, the one hundredth chip, the one hundredth Monkey. Starting locally it spreads regionally to nationally, till globally. It is a cancer, a fungus, a virus. Now it is spreading faster than a shadow when sweeping a landscape, as it does just before a cloud blocks the Sun. Neitzsche discovered it in Zarathustra, soon after which he went insane. T.S. Eliot in his Wasteland, though he continued to live like the bourgeois. Ezra Pound realized it in his final years with the knowledge he was a moron. Einstein, when envious of a plumbers life. And so it is, I finish "Thoughts Manifesto" and welcome putting this Monsters bones to rest.

When he finished reading he felt a wave of bliss sweeping inside his body from head to toe, he sensed it as grace, and the tears welled, in his Irish eyes.

Part Four The Return

People of all backgrounds started having dreams and visions of a white buffalo, though not knowing what it meant.

The summer quickly passed by and congress was about to come back in session. The President, his family and friends, had plenty of time to talk about what they all witnessed inside the sweat, and, what they thought he was called upon to do. Those on the reservation carried on, keeping their dream alive, as they had been trying to do since being taken over. The reservation to them at Wounded Knee was nothing more than a prisoner of war camp.

This was a big chance for this President to take being an election year, and, dealing with the rational mind always wanting to over power the heart. The people in his line of business were totally conditioned with the idea when push comes to shove, the head must rule. Yet, the President knew what he saw, and he knew the others who were with him saw it too. He certainly didn't want to end up in the same holding position as all the past presidents. Also, he knew this concerned all souls, past, present, and future having anything to do with this Turtle Island, as the Natives called it. He also knew that he couldn't deny the world the special gift as promised by White Buffalo Calf Woman. So with that, Jim would call for a special session of congress to convene along with the senate, this would also be open to all viewers from around the world. This, he knew he must do.

All those who were in attendance at the sweat spent the rest of the summer sharing that experience whenever given the chance, but only if it felt right. They all seemed to have a newfound joy.

Finally the time arrived, the two hundred or so whom the President had sweat with were invited to attend this historical occasion. There was an excited buzz in the air from planned leaks to the press. It certainly was to be the biggest viewing audience ever. The night before, Jim was paid a visit while sleeping by President Johnson, he told him that, they too would be in the audience for his eyes to see, as well as the eyes for those who had gathered with him in the sweat. With this assurance the President stood before the world.

With him by his side was his family, each seemed to have an unusual calm and aura, like someone who knew the location of a sunken treasure. With his wife standing by his side, both wearing The Path symbol, its radiance shimmering from the chamber lights, the President began.

" Ladies and gentlemen, and all those who are present here tonight, and all of you who are watching at home, I welcome you." Behind the President, and just beside the flag of the United States was a painting that showed an Aboriginal hand. It was open with a red bead in the center of the palm. " I want to talk about something that has been with us since our forefathers first stepped on this wonderful land, something that just won't go away, and will never go away until this something is put right. We are a country of laws, laws that we have all agreed, to live by. Laws and contracts that were established to insure all people the right to have religious freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, which most of us enjoy today. But something is wrong here; something just doesn't feel quite right. (Insert painting of hand with snake)

Obviously you have by now noticed this painting that stands behind me, and so the subject of this talk I am giving here tonight. You know, when I was a young man, and I must admit up until just recently, whenever the Native American, and what was done to them in the past was brought up in conversation, I was quick to say, what has that got to do with me? I had nothing to do with it...Then one day recently I sat back and contemplated this very question, and what I found was, that I, am responsible. What I thought of was this, say I was living off a trust, and my Father lived off the same trust, and his Father, so on and so forth. Now, no one knew how the trust was set up, but everyone since enjoyed its fruits. Then one day I come across a journal of the one who set up the trust and find out that he stole the money to set it up. Now, although no one before me knew this, I do. So knowing this, do I continue to live off this false trust? Well, ladies and gentlemen, look at that hand behind me, we all know the story, we bragged about it and laughed about it, it's in our history books! Our forefathers knew exactly what they were doing, they knew the value of property, it was like taking candy from a baby, as the saying goes.

Then I thought about all the contracts that were made, made in good faith, with our Native friends, they were signed and sealed, contracts that were totally violated with a self-righteous premise of Manifest Destiny. Ladies and gentleman, we are all living off a false trust. Our very foundation of law is at stake. If we don't live by the law, how can we in good conscious expect others too? Today if we find out that someone bought property from money they earned from illegal ways, such as with drug money, we seize that property. Well Ladies and gentlemen concerning the Native American Justice has not been served; we are all living on stolen property. There is not one lawmaker here in attendance who doesn't expect others to abide to the law and contracts. Not One. Ladies and gentleman it is time to start honoring ours, to walk our talk.

Tonight I am going to suggest a radical proposal. One that I hope you will accept. First, is that we give back the land, no, wait a minute; you can't give back something that doesn't belong to you, but… You can… Return it. So, let us Return that which does not belong to us...I know you must be saying, that's impossible, that's crazy...But I ask you, is it? What I think is impossible, is living with something you know deep down is wrong. Our great great grandfather England has been returning colonies to their rightful inhabitants, and still continues to do so. Israel has returned what didn't belong to them, to name a few, and, so can we. The Native American has supported us, they welcomed us, and they even taught us. So, how can we repay them? How can we put this bad karma behind us? How? We can help restore their infrastructure, and give them back their dignity, that dignity we purposely took from them. We can help in building that back. We can look at the Native American as a National Treasure, and treat them as such. We can help them by returning the buffalo, if that's what it takes. Ladies and Gentlemen we have the education to do this, and the means. We know what it would take. We know the environment that different species need in order to survive, to grow, and to prosper. We have the knowledge, we are the experts, we know the space the falcon needs, we know these things and act upon these things because we care, We care, I know, We care.

This can be the most exciting challenge of our time. A real step forward. A planting of a tree as seen by the medicine man Black Elk, one that will grow and expand, with many flowers to fruit, for us all to pick. To show good faith we can start right now by Returning the Black Hills, as made under our contract and placed with our seal. We may think we are the landlord, even think of that term, land lord, and that should tell us something, about our conditioning, we may have made a break physically from England, but we still hang on mentally, else why do we still use such a royal term to this day. But I tell you this, concerning our native friends, this is, their land, and we are, their tenants.

Second, I propose we pay a United States Inhabitants Tax to the Native Nation Of Turtle Island. A tax to free us all from this terrible karma, and wrong. This tax will allow them the support for re-establishing their own form of Government, which our forefathers also borrowed from them, this will help aid them in building back an infrastructure that will allow the Native Nation to be self sufficient; and, to be a sovereign nation once again. The benefits of doing this are many, for all of us. It will end once and for all, reservations and their welfare, all lawsuits present and future, just to mention a few. It will also for the first time begin a true dialogue between us, expanding levels of consciousness on both sides.

Third, a return of all-National parks, forests, and protected rivers, lakes, and ocean fronts. I can assure you, they will be in good hands. Last, to complete the return by January 2012. The details to be worked out by all parties concerned. This is a win win situation.

No one, and let me repeat, no one, will lose properties in cities towns and the like. Now, let me read a poem to you that reflects how the Native American feels, it was given to me by my new friend One Who Stands Tall, after which I will read you a letter I received from a fifty two year old mother of five grown daughters. First the poem. YOU TOOK MY DIGNITY AWAY, by White Bear.

You took my dignity away.
You took my women and children.
You made us dependent like you,
Now I eat fruit from a can,
You took my dignity away.

You took my dignity away.
You took the Buffalo, now the Fish.
You made me dependent like you,
Now I eat from one whose eyes I never saw.
You took our dignity away.

You took my dignity away.
You took my wild flowers and the grasses scent,
You made me dependent like you.
Now foul smells fill my nostrils.
You took my dignity away.

You took my dignity away.
You took my land like a thief.
You made me dependent like you,
Now I must pay to live
And move on the land once free.
You took my dignity away.

You took my dignity away.
You took voices from the trees and the winds song,
You made me dependent like you.
Now I listen to loud offensive noises, they are everywhere.
You took my dignity away.

You took my dignity away.
You even tried to take my religion,
To be dependent like you
On some God no one has connection with.
You took my dignity away.

You took my dignity away,
But like the Beaver, I too mutate,
And will, until the scent of sweet grass returns,
For my spirit patient stays,
Even though,
You took my dignity away.

Now the letter.

Dear Mr. President, Ted Bunsen, Jonathan Demma, and Buffalo Man,

This letter is addressed to the four of you because somehow, hopefully you will all four receive this same letter.

I am an office manager, 53 years old and single mother of 5 grown daughters. Three months ago, by coincidence, I met the man who wrote the enclosed book and became involved in the end of the journey described in its last pages. I am not promoting the book or touting its contents. It is included for you to understand how I came to write this letter, if you are curious.

This October I traveled with Little White, the author of this book, to the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, completing the story within the book. We were there for 1 day. A young man at Wounded Knee told us we should visit two people. Bear, and another, Buffalo Man, at his ranch and see the white buffalo.

We did this. Buffalo Man was very generous with his time. In the course of the conversation he mentioned how through a contact Mr. Bunsen might be willing to offer 2 million dollars for this animal. I had to wonder why. I also had to wonder why Buffalo Man turned the offer down and he explained the difficulty.

There is a story here. These people, individually and collectively, have refused to be bought out or to give up hope of living by the knowledge and guidance of their ancestors and the blood sacrifice of those who fought for it.

They believe, by prophecy, they are now living in the 7th and last generation with but a glimmer of memory to preserve a way of life that brought them to this time. It occurs to me that socially, somehow, we share the same potential fate. As it relates to the earth we live on, this "way of life" seems to carry a profound message for us all. I am very curious to see what this might look like as a living story.

As a regular white girl I wonder what it would look like if, instead of selling the buffalo, they were seeded the means to become their dream. Tell their story. What would it look like for generosity to empower the courage and fortitude these people are hanging on to? What kind of wisdom is this to emerge so strong? What would it look like to see the relationship bloom? What if the buffalo did roam free?

Their prophecy, even on its last leg, even through generations of poverty, includes hope for all races in every direction. I find this remarkable, considering our past. I don't see how a filmmaker of vision, or a promoter of resource, or a buffalo man with a dream, could pass up the message of our own history written in the lives of the ones before us.... At a time when the world at large is in such desperate need of connection and wisdom in progress. How would it look if their lives truly represented the knowledge they wish to live out? Is it already too late? What do they want? What do they need for this to happen? What can we do? What do we need to know? Where could it go? Is it something money can't buy? Is this so great no one can do anything about it?

We know what the struggle looks like. Are we not curious about what they have struggled to preserve? Would there be some value for people to see, in progress, what is possible if our respective wealth were an exchange that could be documented? We have allowed our bureaucracy to bog us down collectively, but our individuality is still as free as this letter. Thank you very much for taking the time to read this, If you did, and I leave it to the almighty creator.

Sincerely.... Tree Blossom.

PS I am not a member of any advocacy group, or organization promoting anything. In fact, until I made this trip to South Dakota, I knew virtually nothing of my native history, still know little. I am in awe of my own ignorance.

The President then paused, you could hear a pin drop, as he looked around the room, he seemed to give off an energy that seemed to be that of one completely cleansed. The Spirits that were present became visible to his eyes; even Custer made an appearance, and gave him a sign of approval. The viewing audience at home was just as quiet, as if each were holding their breath.

Then he spoke again; " Well I think ladies and gentlemen, we can rise to the occasion. Let me show you a set of pipes that were given to me at The Pine Ridge Reservation this past July Fourth." Holding up each pipe, the President explained their meanings, “ First as you can see this pipe lights from the bottom, with a new message, think a new direction, and that it is not too late to turn ourselves around. Each of the four pipes I have here has a different colored top: white, red, black, and yellow; representing the four directions, and, all races, as well as the deeper meanings, wisdom, faith, introspection and illumination. Perhaps part of that thinking a new direction might mean to stop punishing one another, and instead of adding more prisons, to think about their elimination, once and for all. Patience, tolerance, and living simply without interfering, are the keys. This needs to be instilled in the earliest years of education; you can count on that. Also, can we imagine instead of dropping bombs on those who we wish to stop because of their violent actions against humanity, we dropped flowers and money instead? And did this, day after day, as long as it would take, can we imagine what kind of message that would send; instead of just using another violent action? Maybe we should test that some time.”

Then showing them the symbol he was wearing and pointing to the others in the room who shared the sweat lodge experience with him, who were also wearing the symbol, went on to explain its meaning. " This new symbol, “The Path", with its meaning, “The Path that's neither left nor right, nor in the middle, is the one that circles all three”. Suggesting that all paths eventually enter and join in the circle, showing us our potential. It also points out that all paths are sacred, and that through this collective experience, wisdom will come, and with that, compassion.. In the final analysis what this is all about is letting go and giving up control, and to stop interfering by giving that control back to the one whom resides above us all.

With that ladies and gentlemen, I will leave you with a vision as was shared with me by One Who Stands Tall, it describes better than I what the needs of his people are. Imagine a horse unbridled, running in the vast open with an Eagle flying by its side. That is their need, because that… is their nature. I would like to think that Eagle represents us, and the high spirit that resides in us all. Now, I leave the rest in your hands, and I thank you all. Oh, one more thing, if this return comes to pass, the promise of a gift to be received by all the peoples of the world will happen in seven days of its passage." “Thank you ".

To applaud would have been an insult, and so the silence.

The president then hugged and kissed his wife, which was nothing unusual, for they were extremely affectionate with each other in public or private. His children quickly ran over to him hugging him as well. Tears ran down their cheeks. Suddenly, whispering began among the congress and the senate who were also present. This went on for a good ten minutes. Then the chairman of both the congress and the senate stood. The chairman of congress spoke first, his name, Tom Banks. " Mr. President, Mrs. President, and all who have been invited here tonight, as well as all those around the world, and here at home, never has anything so important come before us to consider. I am going to do something that has also never been done before, I am going to ask for a vote, here and now. All those in favor of passing what our President has proposed before us tonight, raise your hands." Slowly the chairman scanned the chamber, and with a smile that went from ear to ear matching his tears, said, “those opposed?" Again slowly scanning the chamber not one hand could be seen raised. Then with an exited enthusiasm the chairman dropped a gavel, saying, " Then so be it damn it, let’s Return it! "

The chairman of the senate quickly asked for a vote as well; the electricity could be felt everywhere as well as with those watching from around the world. " All in favor raise your hands," Hands shot up as he began to say it, " Those opposed? " Once again slowly scanning the hall not one hand could be seen. " Then, that is that, it will be done, The Return!" With that said everyone, including those watching TV, not believing there wasn't a single opposition, jumped for joy, joy that connected for one moment a world that had only known division.

One Who Stands Tall walked up to the President to shake his hand, doing so he said " Owl Woman had a vision last night and told me she saw you and your wife riding side by side on white horses, it was a good sign, it is a sign of the Sacred Marriage, one that lasts forever between people…. Thank you.”

"Seven days, September 21st", that was the headline, in the Washington Post. "A Gift Promised For The World" Right underneath. Most papers had " The Return Wins Approval" Begins With Black Hills.

The Promise

Between the Internet, radio, TV, newspapers, magazines, telephones, and of course word of mouth, not one single person on the planet hadn't heard about the promise to come in seven days, which happened to fall on the equinox September 22. All that anyone was told was to look up at the sky on that day.

Stranger still was a mist that fell much like a spray from a bottle of perfume. It fell the whole week.

Towards the end of the week people around the world shared a common dream. In the dream the one having the dream would carve a circle in a thick wooden door. Upon entering they would be invited through another door which was to their right. Being invited to enter through this door they found themselves in a field in which a human was weaving. At the same time they had a realization that it was the lamb's skin (Associated with Christ) and the field was almost finished. Then they found themselves down field levitating up side down with joy filling their face, they were in perfect balance, neither wavering to the right nor left. Off to the side were three circular natural pools filled to the brim with water, which children were jumping in and out of.

The next day people started sharing that dream finding out they were not alone, in fact, that dream was experienced by everyone. While sharing the dream with each other it became clear that the circle carved on the door was a circle drawn out of compassion, and that compassion was the key that opened the door leading on to the field of joy.

Now it was down to the day and the world was alive with anticipation, people were never as friendly, even the scoffers were reserving comment. On the reservations people had been celebrating for the week with prayers of thanks. Even those who were accustomed to getting drunk every day didn't find the need. It was truly a time of thanksgiving, and cross-fertilization had already begun with people in general.

One Who Stands Tall woke just before daybreak, this was his custom, he would look up at the big eye in the sky. It is a time when silence speaks to the inner ear; he stood with his new love Heather by his side.

At daybreak out of the spray that was still falling, four Eagles flew out of the east one being all white, four crows came out of the west, again one being all white, and so it was with four hawks from the south, and four geese out of the north. Coming towards the center, just above where One Who Stands Tall and Heather stood, they formed four circles just over their heads, and kept circling. On the seventh circle the spray of rain stopped, it happened simultaneously around the world. Then the white birds left their respective groups to form a circle in the very center; One Who Stands Tall understood this to mean that all those who had been guiding us till this very day, were now ready to join together in the greater circle, while at the same time leaving behind three in each of their groups to remind us of the perfect balance. With that, a giant vertical rainbow shot straight out of the sky touching the inner circle of the white birds, (The white birds which also stood for the final perfection), still circling, rose in its funnel, till finally disappearing.

The sun was shining every where around the world with the sky the clearest blue ever seen. Even where it was supposed to be in darkness the sun was shining. The Sun even appeared in the same position everywhere. The sun was nearing the position of noon, when the distant sounds of trumpets were heard. This brought everyone to attention. Again the smell of a flower, the rose in all its majesty, permeated the air. Then suddenly the blue sky began to change form, shaping into a woman's hand, and it reached down as if with an offering, and then with a voice that called to each person by name, gave each one a message. That message being “ Forgive yourself; You, Are Loved. "

With that, the hand retracted and a cloud formed, it was filled with flashes of light much like those that One Who Stands Tall, had seen. Forms within started to take shape, till finally the cloud began to evaporate and two white buffalo appeared side by side, one being male and the other, a female. Facing those who were below, each received another message; it was a male’s voice instructing all below to look to the heavens later that evening. With that said, both the buffalo disappeared into another cloud that had formed, when through its sheerness two people could be seen holding hands with their heads bowed connecting with their foreheads, as if it was reconciliation. Then, while in that position, both melted away, disappearing in a consuming fire of love. It was just then that all who were watching experienced the Rapture, the ultimate bliss, a bliss that swept each one inside from head to toe. And that because temptation hadn't turned them away.

Soon night covered the whole earth, the stars were brilliant, again distant trumpets were heard and people gathered everywhere to once again look into the sky. A warm gentle breeze also began, when colored lights like flares and sheets of angel hair started speeding across the sky, they were made of all the colors of the rainbow, and each was making their own sound, just like Bear heard that time when standing out on the tundra.

Then little sea turtles could be seen as if scrambling toward an ocean. Then a gathering of Native American men, after which they formed a line, till one at a time began lifting off the earth turning for a short time into Eagles. Once caught in the moving lights they were shot off into the atmosphere and each dispersed among The constellation known as the Bear. The gathering of these Native Americans was their becoming aware of the importance in what their lives represented, that is, what they stood for, and as each became aware of that, they dispersed among the stars aware of their infinity. More and more spirits joined in this resurrection, each group taking their place on one of the many colored sheets of fast moving lights. It was the spirits of all our ancestors finally freed, now being allowed to move on. After the last of the spirits had been lifted off, the lights that were flaring formed a circle, and turned into The Path symbol, and for one brief moment, the world, not believing; just knew.

The Journey …. I’d like to explain how these pictures came about. I was posing for an art class late spring of 2000. After the class a Dennis Coughlin approached me and asked, if he could take my picture that he was a photographer. He also said he always wanted to have his photography in one of my books and that several years before he had given his girlfriend (Heather, who was one of the artists drawing this night) a packet of my poetry. I said he could take my picture and then added, maybe we could do something sometime. See I thought my book “The Return” was complete. Little did I know…. The next week he showed me what he had , the photo was very well done. In the meantime the thought of doing the series which you are about to see had come to mind. Heather and I then got together (She had agreed to be the model) and we were going to talk about it. We decided to meditate, just as we held each other’s hands we both began to shake. It lasted for about twenty minutes. It was extremely powerful. Like to familiar souls just reunited…Later, I thought perhaps it was the Spirit of White Buffalo Calf Woman herself who was making her presence known. A few days later we were taking the pictures and the three of us knew something very special was happening… After they were done I asked Heather if she could give us both a calf skin face, and she said she would try. If you look at the picture with me and Heather together with the calf skin faces, notice the light coming from where the third eye would be…This was not intentional it just happened….Last, after Heather and I meditated that time a back pain she had for over a year was no longer there…Just thought you’d like to know this…